Jignesh Kariya
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  • Over ten years of experience in application development and consulting in IT industry, experience in implementation of client/server business solutions, data migration activities, data warehousing solutions & ETL methodologies
  • Experience in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of application development in methodology-driven environment in various domain i.e., Banking, Finance etc
  • Over seven years of experience in Design, Development, Testing, Upgrade, and Support of business applications using Oracle Database 7.x, 8.x, 9i, 10g, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Reports and over four years in Oracle Forms.
  • Experience in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) and Toad tools
  • Experience in Database Administration activities like Database Creation, Space Estimation, Schema Design, Database Reorganization, and Database Health Check, troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Extensive experience in working with end users and documentation of business process.
  • Experience in supporting the various production issues addressed by the users from the client side and providing them with required solutions.
  • Strong analytical and practical skills
  • Member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
Certification from Oracle Corporation
  • Oracle 10g New Features for Administrators
  • Oracle 9i New Features for Administrators
  • Oracle 8i Architecture and Administration
  • Oracle 8i Network Administration
  • Oracle 8i Tunings and Performance
  • Oracle 8i Backup & Recovery
  • Oracle 8i Introduction to Oracle SQL/PLSQL
  • Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers
Certificate course in ORACLE 8i & Oracle Developers 2000 (Oracle Forms & Oracle Reports) from Concourse Information Technologies International Ltd – India
Software Tools
Oracle Forms 4.5/6i/9.x,10g, Oracle Reports 4.5/6i/9.x,10g, TOAD, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Developer,
Exposure to Business Object (BO), Oracle Discoverer & Oracle Warehouse, Builder (OWB)
Designing Tools
ER-Win, Oracle Designer 6i/9i, MS-Visio 2003, Visual Paradigm
SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripting, HTML,
Oracle 10g, 9i, 8x, 7.3,
SQL Server 2000, FoxPro 2.6
Version Control Tool
Rational Clear-case, SubVersion (SVN)
Defect Management
Rational Clear-Quest
Operating Systems
UNIX, Sun Solaris, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, MS-DOS
Yell Group Sr.Oracle Consultant Jan 2007 – Till Date
Yell is a leading international directories business operating in the classified advertising market through printed, online and phone-based media in the UK, US, Spain and Latin America.
Proven Value Stats
The Yell Direct PV database stores a full history of the proven value statistics (i.e. statistics including number of click and views from their website www.yell.com).
Customer Intelligence
The Customer Intelligence project is built to improve the customer visibility of their advert performance data. It intends to give the user (advertiser) the ability to view graphical representations of their data as well as a tabular view of up to the last twelve full months worth of data.
Role & Responsibilities
As a Oracle Consultant
  • Responsible for enhancements, development, performance tuning, trouble-shooting, debugging & independent unit-testing
  • planning of the physical organisation of data (data partitioning; tablespace selection; table and index design, table size estimation)
  • Help to identify and document the impact and associated effort of change requests.
  • Responsible for designing SQL and PL/SQL batch jobs, and in particular with ETL processing of data-warehouses and processing of daily data volumes
  • SQL and PL/SQL development using Dynamic SQL, External Tables, Materialized views, List partitioning, Partition Exchange and local / global indexes.
  • Data load using SQL Loader, & report generation via SQL*Plus & use of Unix cron jobs, Unix Shell scripts, Ant Scripts
  • Reverse engineering of existing schema using VisualParadigm
Environment/TechnologiesOracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Unix Shell Scripting, Ant Scripting, Tortoise SVN (Subversion), SQL*Plus Reports, cron-job scheduling, Visual Paradigm
Voca Ltd (Formerly known as BACS Ltd) Oracle ConsultantDec 2004 – Jan 2007
VOCAis an automated clearinghouse responsible for bulk clearing of electronic payments between bank accounts processing direct credits, direct debits and standing orders. BACS is owned by the major UK clearing banks and building societies and operates under the umbrella of the Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS). It is one of the world's leading and most successful organizations providing electronic funds transfer, handling financial transactions.
Management Information, Charging& Archiving (MCA)
MCA is an enterprise warehouse solution, consists of data extracted from more than 10 transactional systems, which caters reporting & charging to member banks and internal users.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Database Consultant, was responsible for following activities
  • design, development and implementation of Extraction Transformation & Loading (ETL) of data across network consisting average 60-70 million records per day
  • design, development and implementation of Report Broker & Job Schedule Broker using Oracle event driven publishing & Java stored procedures which enables registration, scheduling and running/controlling oracle reports from oracle database
  • migration of seven years data from the heritage cartridge/tape format to Oracle table format using Unix shell scripts and Oracle external tables / stored procedures
  • design, development and implementation of application module which allows oracle to extract, transform and load oracle large objects into Net Apps storage device with shell scripting and Oracle export/import utilities
  • Tuning SQL queries & use of range/list partitioning and materialized views
  • Used pluggable oracle reports destype BlobDestination to re-direct report output to oracle database
  • closely liaising with several teams within the business & active participation in all the activities related to project
  • Developed purge management system which includes methods like partition based, row based and range based purging
  • Use of dynamic SQL, development of shell scripts & PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages and Oracle Reports with different output formats like PDF
Environment/TechnologiesOracle 10g, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 7.3, Reports 9i, Unix Shell Scripting, Tivoli Job Scheduling, Clear-Case, Clear-Quest, BMC Patrolling Tool, Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g, Oracle Discoverer 9i, ER-Win, Oracle Designer 9i
Centive(USA) Sr. Software Consultant Aug 2004 – Dec 2004
Centive/EIM is an enterprise incentive management application delivering a complete solution for calculating all types of incentives. It assists managing plans, producers, and hierarchies. It automates compensation calculation including approvals, adjustments, and payments.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Sr. Software Consultant, was responsible for following activities
  • Discussion with the on-site coordinators pertaining to the project issues
  • Development of oracle stored procedures, functions, packages
Environment/TechnologiesOracle 9i
CISCO(USA)Sr. Software Consultant Jan-2004 to Jul-2004
The GCT-WWOA project was for supporting Oracle Applications R10.7 ERP system of CISCO. The system has number of other Upstream and Downstream systems interfacing with it on a daily basis. In addition there are number of front end web based tools which are intended for reporting purpose to the end customers and other Cisco community. The project primarily focuses on customer satisfaction by providing timely resolutions to problems. Based on problems faced in production environment it is also expected to come out with Maintenance and enhancements so as to make the system stable and optimum as business keeps expanding. The project entails the post implementation support and enhancements on Oracle Order Entry Rel.10.7 that includes enhancements as well as modifications in existing system.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Sr. Software Consultant, was responsible for following activities
  • Client Interaction and analysis of client’s requirement
  • Development and documentation
  • Developed and scheduled Oracle SQL reports using SQLPlus and Unix cron-jobs
  • day to day support activities for production/training and development environments
Environment/TechnologiesOracle Applications Server R10.7, Unix Shell scripts, Unix cron-job scheduling, Oracle SQL Reports
IL&FS Group Sr. Software Engineer Mar-2001 to Nov-2003
General Ledger System (GL), Corporate Accounting System (CAS)
General Ledger System is a financial accounting package; which is developed as a product, which provides the functionality essential for operation of an accounting system which deals with multi-currency concept
Role and Responsibilities
As a Sr. Software Engineer, was responsible for following activities
  • Gap analysis & Impact analysis
  • Responsible for creating/maintaining development documentation to defined standards
  • Maintenance of database structures and tables using Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Allocation of work to team members as per their technical strength and product knowledge
  • Developed packages, functions, procedures, forms, oracle object libraries, oracle PL/SQL libraries & Oracle Reports
  • Deployment and testingoffront endfor various business functionalities
  • Creation of test cases for testing the new components
  • Involved in bug fixing and application testing
  • Migration of Oracle Forms/Reports 6i to Oracle Forms/Reports 9i
  • Performance tuning of application and code review
  • Reverse engineering of existing schema using ER-Win
Environment/TechnologiesOracle 8i, Oracle Reports 6i, Forms 6i, Oracle Designer 6i, Oracle Reports 9i, Oracle Forms 9i, Oracle 9i
Loan Management System (LMS)
This project was developed for Orix Leasing Singapore Ltd. LMS focuses on the Loan Hire Purchase Leasing facility provided by the company. Activities includes Customer maintenance, Bid Generation, Agreement Generation, Asset Disbursement and Billing.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Sr. Software Engineer, was responsible for following activities
  • Writing oracle stored procedures/packages, oracle database triggers
  • Automated backend jobs, data migration & loading data into the Database using SQL* Loader
Environment/Technologies SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i
STARS (Security Transactions and Administration Repository Systems)
This project was developed for IL&FS (India) STARS’ focus is on the current activities undertaken by the STAS (IL&FS Securities & Transaction Administrative Services) relating to broking back office administration. The scope of project includes: deal recording and contract generation and distribution handling of physicals settlement of exchange pay-in / pay-out obligations settlement of trades with clients meeting fund obligations to the exchange clearing house payments and receipts accounting interface decision support system and MIS.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Sr. Software Engineer, was responsible for following activities
  • development of batch processes for uploading files into database using SQL Loader
  • development of oracle reports & oracle forms & stored procedures
  • Involved in writing complex queries to generate reports as per client request
Environment/Technologies Oracle 8i, Forms 6i, Reports 6i
TAJ Group of Hotels Software Consultant Nov-2000 to Mar-2001
Back Office Software System (BOSS)
Back Office Software System was developed as Accounts Payable system mainly used in the Hotel Industries. It provides facilities to keep track of all the records of their suppliers including bills, payments, receipts etc.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Software Consultant, was responsible for following activities
  • Designed and developed GUI front-end using Oracle Forms for user interaction with the database
  • Designed and developed various character mode and bitmap reports using Oracle Reports
  • Involved in SQL Performance Tuning and standardization of the code
Environment/Technologies Oracle 8i, Forms 6i, Reports 6i.
B.M. Shah Marketing (P) Ltd – India ProgrammerOct-1999 to Nov-2000
Inventory Control System (ICS)
Inventory Control System computation of product-wise material consumption quantity and value, computation of product wise cost, cost audit reports required for statutory requirements, preparation of product cost sheet and costing related profit and loss account
Role and Responsibilities
As a Programmer, was responsible for following activities
  • Developed packages, functions, procedures, forms and reports
  • Creating Object libraries and PL/SQL libraries to make system code generic
Environment/Technologies Oracle 7.3, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5
Shah Agencies – India ProgrammerOct-1996 to Oct-1999
Trading Stock System (TSS) & Sales Order Processing
Trading Stock system was designed for wholesale and manufacture businesses. It tracks purchases, sales and payments. Sales Order Processing was developed to monitor day-to-day sales made by the company as well as to maintain physical stock lying in the warehouse. It interfaces with accounting package. It includes various modules like order entry, purchase of goods, sale of goods, debit note, credit note, current stock position of the goods.
Role and Responsibilities
As a Programmer, was responsible for
  • creating reports and programs as per the client’s requirement
Environment/Technologies FoxPro 2.6