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  • Table Sizing Guidelines (AskTom)
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  • Limitation of List partitioning in 9i for Fast Refresh Mv (AskTom)
  • PL/SQL Sample Code (Oracle Corp)
  • Useful Thread about Hints (AskTom)
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Jonathan Lewis Download Articles
  • All About XML (AskTom)
  • XML Examples (Oracle)
  • Replace Target Table with Source table using Merge(jlcomp)
  • Analytical Functions (dizwell)
  • Analytical Functions Examples (dizwell)
  • BulkCollect Example (Asktom)
  • BulkCollect Example (Oracle)

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  • Explain Plan (OraFaq)

  • Interpreting Explain Plan(akadia)

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  • UML 2


  • Unix Shell - Examples of Functions