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My name is Jignesh Kariya and I live in the UK a few miles outside London. I have been using database software for more than 10 years, of which the last 8 years has been spent using Oracle. I have worked on different DSS and OLTP systems. The databases have ranged in size from a tiny 50 Mb to more than 3Tb with transaction rates from 100 per day up to 80 million per day. I spent a lot of my time investigating how well new features work. I have done my Oracle certification (DBA Track) in Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g.

"Dear Jignesh,
On behalf of myself and your former colleagues here at Voca I would like to extend my sincere thanks for all your hard work on the MI&Charging and Hard Archiving Projects during the last two years.
As you are aware we were presented with huge challenges at times which required dedication, skill and professionalism in order that we achieved the required results. You consistently rose to the challenge and delivered extremely high quality results despite the long hours that were demanded of you. Your ability to solve complex issues, your positive attitude and comprehensive knowledge of the Project, applications and system will be sorely missed.
   Project Manager MI & Charging - Voca Ltd"

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Reading, Berkhire
United Kingdom
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(M) 0044-(07845102785
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